"Possibly one of the most intense stories I've ever read!" (Every Little Moment... from Two Short Stories), D Richards.

"Muligvis en af de mest intense historier jeg har læst!" (Om Hvert eneste lille nu... fra To små noveller), D Richards.

Se mig nu & Hvert eneste lille nu... To små noveller e-bog på dansk.

Se på meg & Hvert eneste lille øyeblikk... To små noveller lydbok og e-bok på norsk.

Who am I?

Well, I am a teller of stories! I love writing them and my heart is full of love and passion for my characters. I suffer with them and I rejoice with them, I cry with them and I laugh with them. I feel their despair and I feel their love. I want to die with them, I want to live with them and I am by their side all the way, honoured to be part of their journey.

I am the author of the novel Olava, the fairy tale story Tulle, Trulle, Mulle and the Humans, the fantasy story The Mollimi People from Deep Space and the comedy The Donkey. I have also edited and published the poetry collection Livsdraaper (Drops of Life), written by my own grandmother Ingeborg Stennes Saetre. I'm also in the process of writing Anna Veronica, which is the sequel to Olava.

This is a radio program in Norwegian where I talk about my writing:

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