Anna Veronica is the sequel to Olava but can be read independently of this novel. The book is available in English and in Danish.

'It's a Twin Flame story and a message from the heart!'
'If your path is to walk through hell, walk as if you own the place.'
'Things are working out... but little did she know.'
'When the going gets tough, the tough break down in desperate prayer.'

If you think Olava's story was heartbreaking, then meet her granddaughter, Anna Veronica. I love her from the core of my very being!

I have sworn, I have cried, I have prayed and I have begged. I have felt this journey as a curse, and I was not always sure I would live to tell the story. But now Anna Veronica is here, in English. The book will also be translated into Danish and Norwegian.

Anna Veronica is the granddaughter of Olava. She is the young girl who was on Olava's death-bed and she remembers her grandma with love. As a grown-up woman Anna Veronica becomes interested in her family history, and she goes searching for Olava's story and what happened to her when her little brother Eystein died so young. Just when Anna Veronica thought her life was going well, she meets her twin flame and from this point on her life will never be the same again. Slowly but surely Anna Veronica's life falls apart and more than once she is on her knees praying desperately for help to be released from stress and pain. Anna Veronica is named Anna after Olava's mother and Veronica after the medicine woman that Olava met when she was young. The book is dedicated to Our Ancestors.

Anne-Lene Bleken | - Norway and Denmark |